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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special  NBC  February 2, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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i just want it to stop. >> she is a master sergeant serving in the guard for a dozen years. >> i don't understand. i worked hard for this organization. >> and she is a staff sergeant. a vital reserve military force serving our country in critical times of need. >> sitting in that chair is against everything you have ever learned in the military? >> true. >> her story started with a simple opening of a dollar bill. >> 1 day i was cleaning out the drawer. >> in october, she was collecting money from the cash box. >> >> erin:ed it up.
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i saw what was on it. i asked questions about it. how dare they do this. >> folded in the same way that this 1 was. and it has your mother on it. >> the guard investigating the dollar bill incident. >> i'm angry because they don't
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see my point of view and they don't make changes. i can't accept that. >> i don't know what else to do. >> jessica brown can't accept the way her leaders handled an attack she says happened to her in vegas. she says it started after a member of the california guard walked her back to her hotel room. >> he pushed me down on my bed. >> she says it happened during a training mission. >> all the while i was telling him to stop. don't do it. i'm married. >> master sergeant brown says she immediately reported the sexual assault to her direct soup visor. >> i have no faith in the department. none. >> she believes the national guard failed to properly investigate her sexual assault. >> is this exposing the dysfunction inside the guard? >> yes. >> brown says following the incident she returned to duty where she says she experienced
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sexual. >>ment and inappropriate touching and it continues for years. >> over and over again. >> why did you get involved here? >> i'm a commander. >> frustrated with the response, lieutenant colonel sent a series of memos. >> do you have any reason to doubt her? >> no. >> no reported action has been taken against another memo commanded that i was the first. >> immediately she would call the air force office of the special investigation and conduct an veg. >> for getting involved were you retaliated against? >> absolutely. >> how many of you believe you
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have been retaliated against for trying to do the right thing? >> i have. >> absolutely. >> several times. >> all 9 of you? >> absolutely. >> is that part of the culture of the national guard? >> what is the current reputation of the california national guard? >> it's not a good reputation. it's not. >> chief officer is a decorated member of the oklahoma national guard. last year he was 1 of 2 independent investigators sent to california to investigate problems. >> reading from your report, sexual harassment and hostile work environment is common place? >> that is what we got from everybody that we talked to. that it was common place. >> we traveled to oklahoma back in october to talk about the report that he co-authored.
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>> chief's report states that the california air national guard and failure to investigate complaints is common. >> have you ever seen anything like you found in california? >> no. no. i never found that many people who were not getting resolution. >> i have a mandate from the governor to change the culture of the organization. >> he is the man in charge of california's national guard. for 3 months general david baldwin has declined our
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request. after initially offering no response, earlier this month the guard did send us a statement that read in part, under the direction of general baldwin there has been an ongoing effort to improv the cultural climate of the california national guard. >> i can't believe that the huge chain of command can't take care of people. >> they like to keep this a dirty little secret. they like to keep knit the closet. people are getting fed up and it's time for change. >> we confirmed the guard now has a copy of the petty report. we were referred to the national guard bureau in washington dc that says that the national guard bureau cannot comment on matters which are not part of the public record. now take a look.
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this light under the bridge raises questions.
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>> this time we turn our focus to an incident connected with 1 of the world's most famous landmarks, the golden gate bridge. but the story is in the decisions that followed. its exclusive video showing ill advised helicopter trip originating from the field.
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>> when you watched this video, how did you react? >> kind of in disbelief. i have never seen any mission requirement like this. >> members of the california national guard say this showed a clear example. >> somebody needed to speak out. this kind of break down of discipline and violation. it sets a bad example. >> he fears retribution. he is a veteran military helicopter pilot. >> in your expert opinion, was this decision to fly these 5 helicopters a prudent decision? >> definitely not prudent. >> a decision made by 2 top senior leaders.
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>> the video shows 5 helicopters following each other into less than ideal conditions and nobody is speaking up. >> less than ideal because air force regulations require a minimum cloud ceiling of 700 feet. the top of the bridge measures 746 feet. the video appears to show the fog sitting well below the air force's requirement for safe flying. >> there was -- >> 20 pilots and crew say it was a non-emergency flight rewarding 40 other members of the guard. >> some of the sources we have talked to say this was a joyride. >> it looks like it was an incentive flight. which makes it.
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>> in the weeks that followed, he received promotions. contrast that with what happened with lieutenant colonel rusty henderson. >> there is no doubt in my mind that was retaliation. >> he was awarded this trophy. the 2005 field grade officer of the year. >> so in 7 years you go from the highest award in the guard to essentially out? >> out of my active duty tour, yes. >> how does that happen? >> it's a great question. i wish i had a good answer for
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you. >> he was fired from his full-time position for standing up for 1 of his air meb. he believes that the wing leadership was wrongfully discharging 1 of his airmen. he says he was relieved of his command for challenging leadership. >> i can tell you the culture is fractured. >> but for some, still unknown run, the findings of his report were never provided to the california guard until we asked the questions back in november. >> and from all indications, nothing significant changed? >> frustrated? >> i'm sure they are.
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>> he is referring to the 14 guard members he interviewed. his report reads sexual harassment and a hostile work environment is common place. >> you called this a big problem? shouldn't this be a priority? >> sure. when you find these kinds of things. >> do you believe this embarrasses the national guard? >> uh-huh. >> it substantiates their claims. >> the 4 principles. >> repeated attempts to talk to baldwin in the california national guard about that flight under the golden gate bridge have been declined, leaving many unanswered questions, leaving members of the california guard wondering why risky flights are accepted and standing up for a better culture is not. >> that would be perhaps the culture of arrogance.
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>> when bhet with chief petty in oklahoma, he was optimistic that change was coming to the california national guard. following our investigation, the california guard responded by calling for a new review, asking the national guard in washington d.c. to conduct a new investigation into the cultural issues raised in our reports. so why is the guard's largest union standing up and speaking out? >> how many investigations does general baldwin need to tell him the obvious that there is problems within the organization.
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>> we continue now with more behind the gates of the guard this time it comes from the guard's largest union. now that very same union leadership accuses the guard's highest ranking officer of failing to keep promises. >> the reason that i'm here is because it's the right thing to do. representing full-time civilian technicians. >> your story is the right thing to do. this has to be told. >> he admits speaking out will likely hurt his union's ongoing contract negotiations. he is talking to us after watching our investigations. he has listened to members talk about a broken culture or complaints of sexual harassment. >> it's not that they tolerate it but they don't adrez it.
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>> he not only heard it from our report but he has herd from several members of his union. >> there is still a culture of fear out there. >> this is david baldwin. >> i have a mandate from the governor to change the culture of the unit, of the organization. >> general baldwin made that prom last february. >> at this point he definitely has not kept the promise. if you need everything you need to look at the people you have spoken with. >> major general baldwin made promises. did he keep his promise? >> no. >> has the problem been cleaned up? >> no. it has gotten worse. >> quite the opposite. >> i just can't believe the huge chain of command can't take care of people. >> they like to keep knit tit i
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closet with the other scheduletons. >> it's how much he has not done. >> top leaders continue to decline our interview request. but for the first time since our original reports aired in september, the guard did respond to the cultural questions. the statement included general baldwin has worked to establish positive working relationships with the union and says he and his command team remain pro active in addressing our service members and employees' concerns. >> moving to make this hands down, bar none the best national guard in the united states of america. >> nearly a year after the general promised to fix the guard's culture, it has been said that the general has failed. >> we said that he has asked ngb once more to come down.
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how many investigations does general baldwin need to tell him the obvious? that there is problems within the organization? >> we asked ben to grade the general's performance over the past 18 months. the answer? i would give him a d, saying i don't even think it's average. it is both unfort naj. the feel need to disparage the need with allegations during this period of open contract negotiations. bosh responded saying his comments have nothing to do with the ongoing contract discussions. you heard the conflict. how did it get started. we will take you inside the investigation and we look ahead to what's next. behind the gates of the guard we investigate after the break.
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>> at the top of the show, investigative teams from the 2 tv stations have worked on this report for more than 7 months. >> joe, let's begin by talking about how all of this started. it has been 7 months since our investigation kicked off. talk about the beginning. clearly members of the guard not satisfied with the answers they were getting inside their system. >> this all began with a phone call to knbc last year from a
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high ranking member of the california national guard. he said to me there were many men and women in the guard who had been victims of discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault who had gone through the chain of command, complained but their complaints were swept under the rug. we started to hear a similar pattern about people who had tried to work through the system but had not gotten results. >> let's talk about what is the next step in our reporting. clearly the national guard looks like it is now going to open the doors on a new investigation? >> we definitely want to see what the national guard bureau finds in this new investigation. whether the california guard is complying with national guard regulations in the way they handled complaints and harassment and discrimination. 1 of the most important things is we still want to hear from the head of the california national guard.
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>> thank you, tony. >> these reports. if you have a tip, call our tip line. at nbc bay >> we investigate. good night. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪
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>> the manti te'o hoax person speaks. hi everybody. dr. dr. phil interview with the man hand manti fake girlfriend. >> why did you end this relationship? >> for many reasons. i wanted to end it because after everything i had gone through i finally realized that i just had to move on with my life and had to get real me. hi to start just living and let this go. >> total narcissism that's one thing dr. phil says was behind ronaiah on line hoax on take
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oychlt ronaiah had a number of life experiences that danieled this young man in some very serious ways. here we have a young man that fell deeply romantically in love. >> did you say that. >> i asked him straight up. was this a romantic relationship with you. and he says yes. he said are you then therefore gay and he said well, when you put it that way, yes. and then he caught himself and said i am confused. >> i'm just calling to say good night. i love you. >>reporter: big question still remains. who is the lennay voice on the voice mail heard on katie. post reported it belonged to ronaiah cousin but heen
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